Gretna Estate Planning Attorney

Compassionate Estate Planning Services

No matter your age, it’s important to start planning for the future. What happens if you become incapacitated or pass away? How will your assets be distributed? Who takes care of your children? These and other issues can be resolved through careful estate planning. It’s not an easy process, but it’s absolutely essential.

Gretna estate planning attorney Barbara Madere understands your concerns and is determined to deliver peace of mind. She can help you draft your will or living will. Her personalized approach to estate planning ensures the best possible outcome for estate holders, succession representatives, and beneficiaries.


Estates of all sizes require end-of-life planning, and not just when you’re retired. The sooner you draft your will, the sooner you can take solace in knowing that you’ve covered the worst case scenario. In your will, you can choose a succession representative to administer your estate, along with beneficiaries to whom specific bequests will pass. Additionally, your will can be used to designate guardians for your children in case you pass away before they reach age 18. Barbara Madere can assist you in drafting a new will or reviewing an existing one.

Living Wills

Estate planning isn’t exclusively about preparing for your property’s succession. During this process, you can also determine how you will be treated if you become incapacitated due to illness or injury. Your living will can clarify whether you want your life artificially lengthened under specific circumstances. This simple declaration can remove a great deal of the burden for loved ones as they coordinate your treatment following incapacitation.

Succession-Focused Estate Planning

In addition to assisting clients with succession, Barbara Madere helps estate holders plan for reduced succession complications. The most confusing aspects of the succession process can sometimes be avoided by drafting a trust or completing an affidavit. No matter your preferred approach, you can count on Barbara Madere for comprehensive legal service.

There is no such thing as worry-free estate planning. During this process, it’s only natural to feel sad or anxious. The right estate planning attorney empathizes with your concerns and provides the supportive counsel you need. Attorney selection can make a huge difference not only for your peace of mind, but also for that of your loved ones in years and decades to come.

Estate planning can be transformative for your entire family. Don’t go it alone — look to Barbara Volk Madere, APLC for assistance every step of the way.