Gretna Successions Attorney

A Compassionate Gretna Succession Attorney

The pain of a loved one’s death is traumatic enough, but this time is also fraught with legal concerns. As the appointed succession representative or a selected beneficiary, your grief may be amplified by concerns about how your love one’s property will be passed on. A skilled Gretna succession attorney can ensure that the decedent’s wishes are carried out appropriately during the succession process. Barbara Madere is a wonderful advocate to have in your corner at this troubling time.

What Is a Succession?

The term ‘succession’ refers to the process of settling the deceased individual’s estate. At this time, property is disbursed to heirs according to the decedent’s previously stated wishes. In most other states, this process is referred to as ‘probate.’

When Can Succession Be Avoided?

In select circumstances, it may be possible to avoid the succession process. Small estates can occasionally be transferred by affidavit. Even with a small estate, however, formal courtroom proceedings may be required. Louisiana law allows for cars, bank account assets, and wages (or other job benefits) to be passed to the surviving spouse by affidavit in select circumstances

Intestate Succession

When an individual dies before drafting a will, that person may be referred to as ‘intestate.’ Louisiana maintains strict guidelines for intestate succession. Typically, surviving spouses hold top priority, followed by children. Under ‘usufruct’ laws, the surviving spouse retains indefinite access to community property. Children then receive separate property. Each child’s share will depend on the total number of children and whether their parents were married.

For unmarried decedents with no children or spouse, intestate property may pass to siblings, parents, nieces, or nephews. In some cases, property passes down to grandchildren. Property rarely ends up with the state; usually at least one distant relative can be tracked down.

Because Louisiana’s succession laws differ considerably from those in other states, it’s crucial to work with a skilled Gretna succession attorney. Your lawyer should possess a thorough understanding of the local succession process and how it might apply to your situation.

Don’t let just any attorney handle succession matters. With Barbara Madere on your side, you can rest assured, knowing that one of the region’s most knowledgeable lawyers has your back. Reach out at your earliest convenience to learn more about the succession process in Louisiana — and how Barbara Madere can help.